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Пародия на песню “Paradise”

‘Exercise’ Paradise Coldplay Parody

Парни по имени Бен и Том сделали клип-пародию на ”Coldplay” - ”Paradise”. Они также переделали сам текст песни. Вот он – на английском языке:

I used to have big guns
But now I weigh fourty tonnes
And now Ive ate too many buns
Ive got more chins than a chinese phonebook

I need some (exer exer exercise X3)
I need some professional advice

I use to exercise on my bike
But now I eat too much pie
But I guess its not all that bad
Ive still got my one pack

I go to the shed and I get my bike out
I eat more veg especially sprouts

Every little calorie
I would die
right now
For a pizza slice

I would die
right now
For some pie

I need some (exer exer exercise)
I need some professional advice

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  1. Марк :

    Ничего так, правда надо английский неплохо знать, чтоб разобраться во всем, благо текст есть отдельно.

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